Is gerard way dating anyone

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Is gerard way dating anyone - apple fan dating website

Everybody has that one celebrity crush who overtakes every aspect of their being from ages 12 to 16 (16 being the age when you [should] realize that there's a reason you never see adult emos), and mine (like most people's in the 2000s) was Gerard Way.The man, the icon, the legend who has only been pipped for the post of "favorite man to ever exist in my heart" by David Bowie.

I remember it vividly: A press pit photo from a show — Gerard was all long hair, chubby face, pale skin and black clothing.

When I started dating the only goth in my year, I had to learn hurriedly about the music that came with black lipstick and a dog collar. Although I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love was My Chemical Romance's first album (and an excellent album in its own right), I believe it was with the release of Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge in 2004 that the band's aesthetic influenced their popularity just as much as the music.

For most of Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, Gerard's clothing choices fit the emo standard: Black suits and skinny ties.

Occasionally they were offensive (such as the c-word) but more often than not, they were seemingly random (such as Fairy, Piggy, You Win).

This word writing reminded me strongly of the most memorable Manic Street Preachers photo shoot: The culture slut one.

Mikey married his wife Alicia Way in 2007, and as far as we know they are still together…

But he may also be trying to wife up this other chick!

Of course, by this time I already had numerous My Chemical Romance t-shirts, as well as a lot of other useless merchandise, including an MCR pillow and most importantly, a Black Parade jacket.

This uniform is probably the most recognizable of all the band's "looks" over time and an obvious shout out to those worn by The Beatles on the Sgt. Gerard's hair then changed completely and rocked my world in a new way.

At the time, I definitely didn't pick up on all these references that the band was nodding to, but looking back, it makes me love them even more.

The Black Parade was the album that cemented My Chemical Romance in my heart and gave the band a much bigger audience.

April got the internet talking after posting pics of herself in what appeared to be Robin's home, the one he used to share with ex-wife Paula Patton. Also pictured: Robin and April out and about two weeks ago in Beverly Hills, Calif.