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Please note that these works go in the Literature/ namespace, and not Web Original.In a last wilful act, committed just before he left his adopted home of St Lucia to return to Scotland for that brief visit, we now know the beady old reprobate had cut his family out of his will — and left everything to his manservant, Kent Adonai.

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They are expected to fetch him between £750,000 and £1 million when they go under the hammer at Bonham's.'But it was our family home, and some of the things belong to me.

Starting in the years leading up to The New '10s, a significant number of Light Novels began life as Japanese-language web novels that received a publisher's attention, and in turn a number of these have gone on to become mainstream hits with Anime and Manga adaptations.

Shousetsuka ni Narou ("Let's Become a Novelist") is one of the most popular hubs for this in Japan, with over a hundred of the works on the site having been adopted for publication.

That was the last time I saw the eccentric old peer, because he invited me to the party, too, seating me next to him at lunch while most of his family were at the other end of the 40-strong dining table.

At that lunch, Glenconner boasted he was wearing a necklace of human bones, set by society jeweller Bulgari.

There he gave her the best suite, humoured her taste for amateur theatricals, plied her with whisky and allowed her to behave as she wanted with whomever she wanted.

But any suspicions about his virility in those early days was roundly disproved last year when Joshua turned up and a DNA test proved Colin had impregnated Joshua’s mother, Henrietta Moraes, in 1955.He was adventurous, he had good ideas, he threw outrageous fancy dress parties, but despite all the advantages he had in life, he had the enduring air of a disappointed man nurturing some nameless sorrow.He also took her up to Glen, just an hour's drive south of Balmoral.They looked after her, boosting Caribbean tourism when Colin gave her a plot of land on Mustique as a wedding present and she built a holiday home there, helping to turn a mosquito-infested swamp into a jetset paradise.When the Princess's marriage broke up, Colin was in his element once more.But then he was so mischievous you could never tell fact from fiction with Colin.