Intimidating rage

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A mediocre Marauder is often better than, or just as good as, decent players from other, more difficult classes, however although the basics for the Marauder are easy to grasp, the skill ceiling for those wanting to achieve excellency is still very high.

There are 3 types of threat drops in the game, and knowing which you have access to and when to use them is key to a successful raiding career.While the information here are mostly written by these two players, numerous other Hatred raid members and guides were consulted.Questions, comments, concerns will be answered by Invinc, who goes by the name of Carlos Eduardo Mata in the comments section below.Combat removal abilities such as Force Cloak should of course be used according to their place in your opening rotation, and not when you pull aggro, for the same reason as above.For Marauders | Sentinels, while it is also not recommended that you use Force Camouflage once you steal aggro in your first rotation, you have a slightly different timing window.As such, it is generally a good idea to try and keep your Rage as high as possible so that you don’t delay the use of these powerful abilities. The talent says that it lasts 6 seconds after using Smash, which means it would last 4.5 seconds considering Smash’s GCD, but this is false. Vicious Slash – VS (1st – 3rd GCD) Ideal Cascading Power Rotations (from best to worst): : VT, VS, OB, DST and FS are all interchangeable between the 1st, 2nd or 3rd GCD, while VS, OB, VT, DST and FS are interchangeable in the 1st or 2nd GCD.

It triggers when the Smash actually deals damage at roughly the end of the GCD, giving you, in theory, up to 4 GCDs. All the Cascading Power rotations ideally start with Deadly Saber already applied, Rupture Smash Rotations below, to fully maximize damage.

Although the target is forced to attack the taunter for the next 6 seconds, threat generation continues regularly, and should another person have the highest threat level when the debuff wears off, they will become the new target Dps knowing when to drop threat is an important skill.

Whenever a tank taunts, the taunt icon will appear as a debuff on the target (the icon is always the same, regardless of class), so you will always know when a taunt has been used.

Dual Saber Throw is your best filler ability, and as such should be used as close to its cooldown as possible.

Deadly Saber doesn’t respect the GCD and has the same length CD as Force Charge (which can also be used while in melee range thanks to Close Quarters), so you should be using Force Charge on cooldown to generate Rage, and on that same GCD activating Deadly Saber.

Battering Assault is your main Rage builder and should be used whenever it is available to maximise your Rage.