Hulk hogan dating

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Hulk hogan dating

Her earliest guest-starring adventures followed no specific story line, besides her recurring bad luck with automobiles.

Marvel Comics announced that She-Hulk #38 (February 2009) would be the final issue of the series.Her next major appearance was in the May 2002 one-shot titled Thing and She-Hulk: The Long Night.In May 2004, She-Hulk was given a new title and launched in a wave of six new Marvel books.The Sensational She-Hulk ran until issue #60 (February 1994), making it the longest-running solo title of any Marvel superheroine up to that point.After the cancellation of She-Hulk's second solo series, she continued making backup, one-shot, and team appearances in Fantastic Force (starting with issue #13 in November 1995), the 1996 miniseries Doc Samson #1–4 (January–April 1996), Heroes for Hire #8 to #19 (February 1998 through the series finale in January 1999), and The Avengers.She-Hulk regained a solo series in 1989, The Sensational She-Hulk (maintaining the 1985 graphic novel's title). Issues #1 to #8, #31 to #46, and #48 to 50 were written and drawn by Byrne.

Byrne's She-Hulk stories satirized comic books and introduced She-Hulk's awareness that she is a comic book character.She was also starring in 2-Headed Shark Attack and Avalanche Sharks.She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. until his return to comics with Ravage 2099 in 1992.Peter David commented on his blog that sales of the book were hurt due to discrepancies between his book and Jeph Loeb's Hulk series, caused by editorial error: I didn't even know she WAS going to be in Hulk.Had I known, I probably would have done things differently.With the original creative team (Dan Slott and Juan Bobillo) from the previous series, the book returned eight months later as promised in October 2005.

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