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Household workers aren't protected by any labor laws, however, so they are almost always grossly underpaid and exploited. In addition to their salaries, we pay for their schooling.

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I'm pretty sure she feels the same way about us.) At that point, we weren't married but had been living together for four years.

Not only is it illegal for unwed couples to cohabitate in Indonesia, but we wanted the protection and security that being married offers.

And four months later, we were husband and wife and moving to Jakarta.

We never take for granted how lucky we are to live and work here.

Our salaries have us ranked firmly lower-middle-class in America.

Nice dreaming, though." But he insisted that I think about it. I thought about it all day long and, that night, we discussed it.

We talked about all of the things we'd have to do, budgeted how much we'd need to save to make it happen, and made a list of pros and cons. We decided that we weren't going to let fear hold us back and we immediately put the plan into action. We found someone to sublet our loft, we sold off pretty much everything we owned, we resigned from our jobs, and I finished up my last term at school.

We'd already traveled all over the world together and had always talked about "someday" teaching and living abroad.

"Someday" was always hypothetical and abstract, in the same vein as someday we'll adopt a kid and someday we'll have real jobs with real salaries and be able to actually buy our own house or condo. One day I was at work and I got a text message from Ryan that said something like, "I have the solution!

Getting anything accomplished is an epic chore, especially as you are forced to battle your way through bureaucracy.

Despite all of that, there's beauty in the chaos: the call to prayer echoing through the city at dawn, the shouts of "Hello, Mister!

Indonesia is the world's most populous Muslim nation, with a tumultuous political history and a present day wrought with corruption and occasional violence and terrorism. It's massive, it's over-populated, it's filthy, it's polluted, it's hot, it's smelly…