Gta iv dating walkthrough

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Gta iv dating walkthrough - ct laws on minors dating

Emmet is with the Seville Boulevard Families, they aren't too close with Grove Street.Despite this, Smoke is willing to pay a visit with you.

You have an option -- you can kill the Ballas before spraying over their tag (you can poison them using the spray can) or you can spray the tag and do a quick runner. Jump over both fences by using the 'Square' button, and climb onto the section of wall that juts out.After the cutscene, speed after the Ballas and drive along side them.Sweet and Ryder will automatically lean out of the window and shoot at them, but Smoke is determined to eat.Locate the dealer, who is witnessed selling goods to one of your homies. Now the Ballas know that Grove Street are back on their feet -- mission complete. But screw that for now, it's time to eat something.The dealer carries a baseball bat, but nothing to worry about -- a few punches should get rid of him. Ryder suggests Tacos, but Smoke wins with his suggestion -- chicken.Drive your homies to the Cluckin' Bell Drive-Thru in Willowfield. Ryder explains that they were going for Sweet and that they accidently killed moms.

He also explains that some people saw a green sabre doing the work, and then speeding off.Stop in the red marker, and look at the on-screen instructions.There are a group of Ballas standing at the corner of the street.When you reach the Cluckin' Bell, drive into the red marker.Carl and Ryder order a No.9, Sweet asks for a No.6 with extra dip, and Smoke goes for two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda. Your objective is to chase down the gang car before they cap your homies.Carl hurls abuse at the officer, calling him "their bitch" (referring to Tenpenny and Pulaski).

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