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Sarah Snow has taken up the cause with a campaign encouraging users to contact their favorite You Tube creators and post about it using the hashtag #withcaptions.

“And we use our expressions to show our feelings, and show that we are happy or sad or concerned or upset, just like you can hear those nuances in a person’s voice.” And signers can talk fast, says Stout, at up to 200 words per minute.On-demand group-dating service Grouper failed to gain traction after one of its co-founders left the company amid controversy five years ago.The market is saturated with other start-ups like Squad and Entourage, which similarly promise to bring together groups of friends.When someone adds you to their list to make a group for Tinder Social, others can see you in the group, and can see that you’re an active Tinder user.For some people, this might not be a big deal, but it’s easy to see how it could cause some issues.“But I knew that they were a community that always responds to my videos.”Poynter was featured in a February 2015 BBC article that quotes You Tube product manager Matthew Glotzbach saying, “Although I think having auto caption is better than nothing, I fully admit and I fully recognize that it is by no means good enough yet.”A bigger problem, though, is that most You Tubers don’t even think about using captions, says Poynter.

According to Glotzbach, in the same article, only 25% of You Tube content has captioning.That’s why Stout and his colleagues at TDI were excited to find Glide, an Israeli startup founded in 2012 that makes a free video-chat app of the same name for Android and i OS.Glide told me that it now has “at least several hundred thousand deaf users.” (The app has been installed on more than 20 million devices and Glide claims “millions” of active users.) “They were a community that we found accidentally,” says Sarah Snow, Glide’s community manager."Whether you’re looking for groups you share common interests with, or you’re looking for a completely new adventure, Tinder Social is a better way to go out with friends," the post continues.It’s unclear what the “new adventure” is that Tinder refers to—perhaps it looks like two groups of friends uncomfortably standing around at a bar, every person individually swiping through Tinder on their own phone and not speaking.“When I first saw that I could see everybody I was a little bit shocked because I figured that a big app like this would give a little more privacy than that, especially considering when first signing up they make a big deal about no one on Facebook being able to see that you are using this app," one user told Business Insider.