Gridview1 rowupdating dropdownlist

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Gridview1 rowupdating dropdownlist - Skype new york girls chat rooms

Data Item, "name") Is Nothing Then Dim s Name As String = Data Binder.

I need to actually bind values from another Object Data Source. Will it hit the ODS for each row, or is the data read into the ODS once, and used by each row? Then, how do I get the selected value set to be a value from the row?How can I create one of the field as a dropdownlist and bind to a datasource so that when it was in edit mode, it will allow me to do a selection.Thanks Hi, If you want it show the text in display mode and show the Drop Down List only in edit mode so as to be edited, you can set a Drop Down List into Edit Item Template.After saving you can show your other grid for them to edit/update and delete data and hide the grid with the dropdownlist. 4) In their Item Template, please put some Dropdownlists.Just follow the steps: 1) Drag and drop a Grid View onto the aspx page. You'll just have to replace your Text Box with a Drop Downlist control within your Grid's Edit Item do I get the selected value set to be a value from the row?

That is, the data source that produces the gridview has a field called "Access Type Id". Data Bind() Select Case s Name Case "Account Expiration Interval in Days" ddl. Add(New List Item("60", "60")) End Select If Not Is Nothing(ddl. I need that value to be used to select the value of the DDL.How would I do that You should use the Update event of grid View to pass your new value selected from dropdownlist.Hi all, I had a Grid View that was bind to a table.

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