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Once again top star Shu Qi won the night with a golden hued lace beaded down with an open front plunging neckline with top collar that somehow didn’t look outre when she wore it.

Rounding out the cast is Jang Mi Hee, Yoo Dong Geun, Park Sun Young, and Yeo Heo Hyun, with the drama slated to premiere in February 2018.

And it is the celebrities and politicians who cling to their sides like determined barnacles. Yet alongside the teams of surgeons, plastic surgeons, trauma specialists and cardiologists, he also brought Scientologist 'volunteer ministers', who claim to be able to heal victims with the power of touch.

Look at John Travolta, who flew his own plane over to Haiti, loaded with food and aid. Never let the misery of others get between you and an opportunistic bit of indoctrination, eh?

, feting the best of cinematic achievements in 2017.

I haven’t watched a lick of Taiwan or Mainland awards worthy movies this year so I was watching solely for the fashion and it didn’t disappoint despite not having as many actresses walking the red carpet as previous years.

Sixty is not exactly the new 16, but Emma Soames, the editor-at-large of Saga magazine, insists that 50 is the new 34. I forgot to drink my cup of brain-boosting ginkgo biloba tea.

Clearly, on both sides of the celebrity divide, a certain skittishness and late-blooming lust for life now prevails.Cheryl sobs, Robbie sings, Sarah Brown poses with Charlie Simpson, the adorable seven-year-old boy who generated more than £200,000 for Unicef's emergency appeal on behalf of children in Haiti through a sponsored bike ride.Yet it is the ordinary members of the public, like Charlie, who dig deep and give so much, time after time.Some may be doing this because their pension pot has turned into a funeral urn, but most simply want to carry on in interesting and gainful employment. Now, those in the youth of old age are a dynamic part of society.And twice as many of those older workers are seeking promotion rather than wishing to downshift and fade to grey. Look here, even Kate Moss has just had grey highlights woven through her hair.For the keys to the castle are no longer the exclusive preserve of the young and the beautiful.

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