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Again, most of the types of fish I pick up to inspect have been previously frozen and are being sold in their defrosted state, including sea bass, mackerel (despite being from UK waters), as well as tuna, cod, and haddock. The fishmonger says that about half of the Asda fish counter comes in to them frozen, and that this tends to be for types of fish that have travelled (ray wings, or today's basa for example).She says that the salmon and cod is always fresh and guides me through all the other fresh types of the day.

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The fishmonger is unhelpful and is unclear on food safety in terms of what is safe to freeze at home without cooking first.

I also had a good nosy around the pre-packaged fresh fish aisles to find out more…

The Morrisons fishmonger is the most helpful and informed of everyone I speak to.

Does he think freezing the fish and then defrosting it on the counter impacts on the freshness of fish? It's been frozen; therefore it can never be called fresh again.

'Fresh means recently caught, killed or harvested and once thawed it rapidly deteriorates, which is why everything I sell is fresh except for large prawns which are a warm water product and don't travel well.'His advice for customers looking for fresh fish at the counter?

Supermarkets have to to make clear if fish has been frozen before under strict regulations, but many shoppers fail to notice the small print when buying what they believe to be fresh fish caught that day from the counter at the supermarket.

FEMAIL writer Joanne Gould visited her local supermarkets to investigate how much previously frozen fish customers are buying without knowing.More than half of Brits are unaware that 'fresh' fish sold in supermarkets is likely to have been previously frozen, according to a recent survey.Now an exclusive FEMAIL investigation has revealed just how fresh the fish is at the average fish counter at supermarkets - and the results may surprise you.Only the salmon is fresh from the selection I pick up, including tuna, haddock, cod, and bream.Even the smoked mackerel is pre-frozen which surprises me as I would have thought the smoking process would extend its lifespan.Fresh today is local cod and trout, but there's also some far-flung tuna that's fresh. The fishmonger claims that some fish are frozen due to the seasons when I quiz him on why the British mackerel has been frozen and then defrosted.

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