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Gotham and Forbes came to the attention of UK police through the FBI who arrested a man for the possession of indecent images of children, in Florida.A forensic examination of his computer led to Ellis, a woman in her 40s who worked as a cocktail waitress in a strip club in San Francisco.

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In the police patrol car, Ellis told officers about two people from the UK that she had made contact with online, and that she had witnessed them abusing the girl via Skype under the name ‘Sarah Girls Only’.While Forbes admitted what he had done, Gotham has acted completely without remorse and has always claimed that she had nothing to do with it.Her defence, which the jury saw through, was that the woman on the live stream was someone else calling themselves Sarah and using her Skype account. However hard we find it as a society to believe that females can enter into such actions for their own enjoyment, the fact of the matter is that there is no excusing that both Gotham and Ellis are paedophiles who acted purely for their own pleasure. She gave an extraordinary account about her behaviour and what had happened with Gotham and Forbes.Livermead Sands is an award winning European Blue Flag beach.Apart from Swimming and Sunbathing this beach is used for many water sports and is especially ideal for Water Skiing and Surfing in the Spring, Autumn and Winter swells.It is unusual for a paedophile to be so frank; she was a compelling witness although her evidence was clearly distasteful, and at times harrowing for the jury to listen to in court.

“This was an incredibly complex case, and the police would like to thank both the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and our colleagues in the American law enforcement agencies, who couldn’t do enough to help us.

He said: “With the assistance of San Francisco Police Department and the FBI, the CPS was able to secure witness testimony from an American prisoner who later gave evidence in court; that with technical evidence found on devices seized in the USA was used to present a strong case.

Sentencing them in September last year, Judge Paul Darlow said: 'The victim was attached to the ceiling and subjected to sexual humiliation.

Ellis gave evidence at the trial via video link from the FBI building in San Francisco with assistance from FBI agents who collected her from prison at 6.00am each day to meet the time difference in the UK.

The Plymouth court sat until 7pm on those days to hear the evidence.

Gotham, who has been on trial for the past eight weeks had denied six offences; Forbes had earlier pled guilty to four offences.

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