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In 2011, the company expanded to Canada with the acquisition of 220 Zellers locations.Today, Target is the 2nd largest discount retailer in the US with nearly 1800 locations.

In the future, I will not order anything from target on-line due to your policies that are not customer oriented.

so basically im out of 300, now its been a year, telling me now its been way to long to do anything for me.. Reply I went to Target in Allentown, PA on 11/3/17 to get some Video Games for my kids for Christmas gifts. I picked out 2 Nintendo games & 1 Xbox game & took them up to the register.

I noticed that the price was to high when the cashier rung me out.

Reply For what its worth, I have been a loyal Target fan in the past however, seeing some changes lately in your newly remodeled stores that are not good ones (imo) plus the clothing is not attractive and much higher priced than your past clothing offerings.

Keep raising your prices Target and carrying dull, unattractive clothes and you will continue pushing your former loyal fans over to Marshalls or TJMaxx. This winter collection is gloomy and old fashioned. Reply It may be a great milk, but only certain companies only allow some of their products to go to certain stores.

I called corporate and was told I had better talk to the store manager and produce a receipt for the gift card. But Target needs good customers like me, and they have lost me!

The store manager treated me like a criminal, and I will not go back to that store. But Target lied to me when they gave me a worthless gift card, and they have cheated me out of a promotion. Reply Hi, I would like to stand in solidarity with Patricia, we had similar experiences!

Still delayed telling me my refund would be processed This is not the way to do business, in my opinion.

On- line shopping is the future and Target needs to train staff how to package items and how to process refunds.

Target began in 1902 as the Dayton Dry Goods Company. In 1938, George died and his son, Nelson took over the multi-million dollar business.

In 1962, the company opened its first Target location.

I opened the box and could see this was not factory packaging by any means either, and there was a scratch on the top of the unit. I visited your store at Waxahachie and bought your Green&Black’s pure milk chocolate / sea salt for 4 pieces. Was that from your company or from an invader to the internet? Reply Just came back from visiting the Johnson City, Tennessee store.

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