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Pretley (above with another student) resigned from the school board in 2015 when the accusations against him became public. The District Attorney has not revealed whether it will take the case back up.

'So I was not just scared to cooperate with the police but I felt guilty because that’s what he told me. I was quite relieved when he then started on my legs and tried to persuade myself he knew I was getting aroused so was leaving me alone to recover as it were.All too soon his strong hands worked up the inside of my thigh and mercilessly pushed against my genitals.I could see as soon as I walked in he had eyed me up thoroughly.I was resistant at first as I had things to do later but mostly because I suspected he might be hoping for a bit more than a massage and I knew with the slightest provocation I would get aroused.After some more normal massaging again he curtly announced I was to turn over and left me as he went to the far end of the room into a separate sink area.

I niavely tried to persuade myself he was giving me a chance to compose myself again before the next onslaught and sort of pretending it was a necessary part of the process for him to touch me and he was resigned to the fact it sometimes resulted in arousal.And to tell me you don’t notice a student skipping lunch to eat lunch with their teacher, spending in the mornings, sitting with him or being alone in his classroom, to not take action.' She said Petrey used religion to coax her into their affair and once said that God had told him to tell her she was beautiful in a dream.'He kind of coached me in Christianity and talked to me a lot about that and would ask me to sit behind his desk and it really just grew from there really quickly and it turned into something before I really knew it was going down that path.' Over the course of a year, they had sex at his home when his wife was not there and in hotels when she was in town, the lawsuit alleges.I undressed to my rather bright stylish boxer shorts and got on the table face down trying to control myself and thinking once he just settles into the massage I should be ok even though I was randy as hell and fancied him rotten.He came back in and announced forcefully “less underwear”.A former high school student who claims she had a relationship with her married teacher has come forward to publicly shame the man as an adult.