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Impressing an ESTPRespecting Their Boundaries Dating an ESTPCommunity Q&A An ESTP on the Myers Briggs personality indicator refers to a person who is characterized by extraversion (E), sensory matters (S), thought (T), and perception (P).They like to take risks and live in the moment and as a result can be a lot of fun in relationships.

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Sex ESTPs approach sex as a physical way for two people to enjoy the present moment.

However, many eventually feel the need to settle down.

When that point comes, ESTPs can be very loyal and committed, although they may need to remind themselves of their commitment daily.

They come up with fun, new ways of enjoying intimacy.

Compatibility Unlike Instincts compatibility, Personality compatibility is largely based on personal preference. With a strong Extraverted Sensing function, ESTPs are better understood and appreciated by other Sensors.

They live exciting, fast-paced lives that make people notice them.

Because they are keenly in-tune with their environment, they are often athletic and carry a particular sensual attractiveness.

Some ESTPs dislike this tendency, some thrive on it.

These bonds are often temporary, and the ESTP leaves when a new pursuit awaits.

An ESTP in such a situation may be agreeable on the outside, but spend more time at the office as a form of passive resistance.

If there is too much interpersonal tension in the relationship, they are likely to leave entirely.

That being said, they do not like to plan for the future and can have difficulty discussing their emotions.

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