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used by many genealogy bloggers to help them post content on their sites. My hobbies are genealogy, reading, digital scrapbooking, history, dogs, homemaking. I share what interests me and I am not selling anything or making a profit.

So Mary did not have the comfort of her own mother when she lost her youngest child. I have no idea how Mary felt about her father-in-law's second family, or her own husband's role in making sure his half-siblings were raised to adulthood.

Smart, Son, M, W, 6 yrs old (DOB 1934), Single, Attends school, Born in Canal Zone Frank L.

Peters, Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at New Orleans, Louisiana, 1903-1945 ; Series : T905 ; Roll # : 144 , Lines 28-29, "Arthur Smart" Arthur Smart, 38 yrs old, M(ale), M(arried), Born in Stanly County, NC on 9/11/1893, Address in U.

We have 9 nieces/nephews and 9 grandnieces/nephews whom we love.

We have 3 Italian Greyhounds: Persephone, Dresden & Capodimonte and a calico cat named Binky.

Are there murders, bizarre accidents or other thrilling stories among your family history?

Tell us about them through words and pictures during Thriller Thursday. Smart, Head, W(hite), M(ale), Born Jan, 1869, 31 yrs old, Married 8 yrs (DOM 1892), Born in NC, Both parents born in NC, Farmer, Can read and write, Rents farm Mary C.

She was buried in Pine Grove United Methodist Church, 28766 Highway 24/27 Albemarle, Stanly County, cardiac embolism due to fracture right femur (3/25/1949), other significant factor was cerebral arteriosclerosis with psychosis after surgery to pin hip when accidentally fell in ward.

Mary Jane Barbee Smartannounced at the beginning of the case that he would not ask for murder in the first degree, but he was asking for murder in the second degree, or manslaughter, as the evidence in the case should justify.

So it must have been somewhat of a shock when Mary's sixth child was a stillborn son on .

His gravestone says that his grave was the first in St. My grandfather, George W Burris, Jr., was Mary's seventh child, born in 1890. James Thomas Burris wasn't quite 5 weeks old when he died in 1895. The youngest of the Burris bunch were Arkie and Ocie, the pretty little sisters I always saw photographed together.

They celebrated the arrival of their first child, Mary's 19th birthday, and their first wedding anniversary almost simultaneously. He and all 11 of his younger siblings were born, as some of the old handwritten family group sheets say, "on Isbell Creek."There really is an Isbell Creek, and yeah, before the land was subdivided, George, Mary and their family lived not far from it.