Eavesdrop into sex chat

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Eavesdrop into sex chat

Sue's very distant cousin invited herself for a 'brief' visit that extended from a weekend to a week... Her youthful innocence was so endearing and belied her recent, doddering, old age threshold of eighteen.

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In a kind concession, though not asked, we decided to give her a month to adjust before openly flaunting our nudity at her; so Sue wore at least a light robe and I wore tighty whities or more stylish undies.I noticed that she began leaving her bedroom door open too, though she still wore her PJs to bed.I must take a moment to describe our shared commodes.Amanda had her own room next to our bedroom, with a shared wall.We always left our bedroom door open, giving Amanda the chance to eavesdrop when she made any extra trips to the hall bathroom.With each day, she took longer strides so her legs were more and more exposed, but her bush managed to stay hidden.

Her tiny tits bounced obviously against her robe with her exaggerated steps, but didn't fall out. Amanda's nocturnal outfits started with her wearing a heavy, two-piece flannel PJ with all fasteners buttoned.

Amanda's nipples were crushed trying to escape her deep cleavage and lamentably hidden from view.

When she saw me trying for a peek, two things happened.

There's the hall bath which had no shower, just a tub. Amanda liked to get started early and shower daily so she used the master bath.

Since she liked lonnnng showers, she caused delays for Sue and me to get ready for work. The solution was for Sue to use the hall bath while Amanda used the shower, leaving me waiting for them to finish.

Her nipples stiffened, revealing their size and location thru the thick top; and my underwear seemed to shrink!