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Make no mistake, this is the ABSOLUTE way to combine races.

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For issues related to race mods, please post them at the appropriate place - that is, the corresponding race mod's page.The Dance Macabre Thousand Sons Tyranids , Official Tyranids Portal (v0.5b3 and above, only. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Playing Unification So, start the game, and you will see 3 new mods in the game's mod manager: This is the Bugfix update/replacement!This mod is about ONLY vanilla races, and ONLY fixes and updates.(Note that to play on-line, you will need the Steam version.)2] A capable machine.3 Ghz CPU / 4 GB Sys mem / 2 GB Vid mem would allow you to play the game at almost full settings. I would say, 6 Gbs is a must.3] The 2Gb memory buffer patch is highly recommended for playing "heavy games" (more than 4 players, many races involved, etc). Note that every time the game is updated by STEAM, you will have to update the exe for 2GBs mem allocation, anew.But you WILL have to ask the original owners as well, when in doubt. Again, this is a result of countless independent initiatives, compiled into one project. ) here, for some of the brothers involved (besides my team's members! In case there is content that better not be in (highly unlikely, but we do not want to offend anyone), just say so and we will either add the missing credits, or even completely remove the content if so instructed.

): Argonaut, Bagatur Khan (much testing), Chiu Chunling, Corncobman, Dark40k, Evil Isador (HUGE help and an worthy battlebrother), Green Scorpion, Kasrkin (it seems we are the last coders, brother! DON'T FORGET: The Do W game series is a marvel given to us by Relic/Sega and and the WH40k universe is the outstanding creation of Games Workshop - a work of true art, if you ask me.

Important FIX NOTE: We do not hold any responsibility at all, for the implications attached to modifying your

Although it is a harmless fix, it may break your Steam MP games (you won't be able to see matches of players that do NOT use the same fix) or cause other issues. INSTALLATION, MANDATORY MODS, and FILES' DOWNLOAD- First, ALWAYS make a CLEAN install of Unification and all other mods involved.

You may also report whatever inconsistency, directly to me (PM). First, let me say that Unification is the collection of the work of MANY community members.

Note that most of the races are now led by my team - and for the rest we have EXCELLENT relationships with our coding brothers. Everything will be take care of - provided we are still around... Much of the work is really addressed to many other brothers.

All I did was merging them into a compact, stand-alone mod, for our amusement and enjoyment and most importantly, in an EASY TO USE format. I wrote MOST parts of the Race mods SCa R code you see, wrote some wincodtions of my own (like hazards, weather or day and night) and re-coded much of the existing work.