Diane keaton and keanu reeves still dating

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Diane keaton and keanu reeves still dating

She looks slim and gorgeous—more so than in some of her films from a decade ago.

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What could be better than a shot of Diane Keaton's legs?

Their evolving age-appropriate relationship reveals to Erica the real life (so-called) pain of the love she writes about in her plays.

It also introduces Harry to the heretofore foreign concepts of commitment, maturity, and equality, not to mention jealousy, as Erica is simultaneously courted by his own doctor, Julian (Keanu Reeves).

While each performance is its own little surprise, Peet's work in Something's Gotta Give, as Marin, supporting player for her mother's predictable romance, is especially sharp.

As Marin, she jumpstarts the proceedings: an auctioneer at Christie's, she begins dating a customer, superwealthy hiphop label executive and renowned young ladies' man, Harry (Nicholson).

(1981) saying that Keaton was "impossible," and maybe she still puts him on edge.

Or maybe she has mellowed, and he looks back on their contentious past with a certain fondness.(Those might be her real eyes, but they're still impossibly aquamarine.) Jon Favreau, as Harry's assistant, looks like he's there because he lost a bet.The preview audience burst out laughing when Keanu Reeves showed up as a doctor—not because he couldn't be, but because he looks so much like those earnest male ingénues of the '50s and '60s who we now know were gay.When she brings him to her family's Hamptons house, they run into obstacles.First, her mother, playwright Erica (Keaton), and aunt Zoe (Mc Dormand), note his unsuitability as Marin's partner.(When I interviewed her 15 years ago, it struck me that the real Keaton wasn't the la-di-da Annie but the Annie who sat on a park bench with Woody Allen making snarky comments about passersby.) Meyers does give Keaton a laughing/crying hysterical number: You can't let your female protagonist seem The movie itself reveals nothing, but it's entertaining.

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