Datingannarbor com

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Datingannarbor com

For the past week I’ve been toying with a sickness that would neither fully take hold nor completely go away.My bed times have been earlier, I’ve spread out my training a bit more and it appears that I’ve finally beat the bastard. There are no sniffles, no coughing, just drowsiness, not in sickness or illness, but as if I’ve been punched in the gut and my ambition has been slugged out of me.

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The winners of life are those who’ve put themselves through the most arduous journeys, the most daring pursuits that would have seen most men quit, yet they’ve trudged on.

They aren’t born with something in their soul that propels them forward while others fall by the wayside, they simply understand that quitting of quitting.

(Read this: How to Become Tough)When you feel like taking a day off, train. The winners of life are not those born with the greatest talents, nor wealth, and not even the best teachers.

The winners of life are those left standing, but more than that……

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It’s this that we all must understand, it’s in our moments of weakness where we need our greatest courage, for courage is, like all things, practiced and strengthened and learned.

If we quit with something as trivial as the gym, we’ll quit our job, we’ll quit our marriage, our journey, our life.

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