Dating wwii helmets

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Dating wwii helmets

There was limited radar cover and no search lights or night fighters.Belfast was attacked between April and May 1941 with a barrage of incendiaries and high explosives.

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After viewing the photographs below I'll let the reader be the judge.Arming both new, as well as seasoned, collectors with the information which can have a net positive effect.This article will first present two examples of reproductions, and a third which is a probable post-WWII modification of an original helmet by the Australian Military Forces.To do so is a double-edged sword, as it immediately provides a tutorial to counterfeiters as to the shortfalls in their efforts.As a result it is with somewhat mixed emotions that a direct comparison is presented herein, hopefully that it will do more good than harm.Belfast’s contribution to the war effort made the city a target for enemy bombers.

Textile mills produced cloth and uniforms, Harland and Wolff worked on ships, Shorts produced aircraft and engineering firms made tanks and guns.

The German raids caused widespread damage to industrial and residential premises and resulted in over 900 deaths and more than 2000 casualties.

The RUC, Local Defence Volunteers and many civilians joined in the rescue work.

Sample pages of the book are included at their web site.

The only perspective missing in this superlative effort is a side-by-side forensic analysis of the genuine helmets compared with examples of the reproductions that unfortunately abound.

As stated elsewhere in this blog, the demand by re-enactors has been one of the factors driving this situation.