Dating scam victim stories

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Dating scam victim stories - is anneliese van der pol dating

Debbie Best, a 50-year-old residential habilitation trainer and employment specialist from Butte, Montana, found herself the unwitting victim of an online dating scam.

Having been out of work for approximately a year, Forrester said he quickly jumped at a job opportunity being advertised in The Gleaner, under the name Crystal Clear Security Company.

(Facebook had no comment.) Best spoke to Huff/Post50’s associate editor Anthonia Akitunde.

Here is her story in her own words: I’m really kind of a shy person and I had bad relationships with men that either gambled, drank too much or verbally and physically abused me. Life is pretty hard as is, and then when you’re living alone it’s even harder.

“Don’t you have some friends you can borrow it from? His voice would change; he was not the kind, sweet, gentle guy any more. ” “I’m going to have to take care of that when I get back to the United States.

I have to call the police because someone is impersonating me.” It was in one of our last messages on Facebook that I finally, truly realized that I was being conned and used. I reported him to Facebook, which he’s still on, and active because he has another person’s picture up.

I think when I turned 50, that’s when the panic set in.

I began to really take a good, hard look at my life as a single woman who had never been married. ” Our bond became a little bit stronger each conversation.I’m going to be more cautious if I continue online dating.I’m going to research a lot more; I trusted too much, I didn’t check it out and I learned the hard way. I’m one for church and prayer and I look at it as a lesson learned. At night time, I reflect on it and I think -- I could’ve been in so much more financial loss. He said he was told that a work location was already identified."They told me that I would have training by 2 o'clock and they told me that I would have got the uniforms by 3 o'clock and I would have started to work by 9 o'clock this morning (Tuesday)," he told THE STAR.The website she used,, did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

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