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Dating rca victor records - dating a geek tips

The practice of illustrated albums was soon adapted by the other big American labels.Steinweiss continued to work for Columbia during the 1940s and created many covers for 78 rpm albums.

The series is created by Torbjörn Sörhuus, the founder and manager of Birka Jazz.

The covers are sorted by labels (USA) or by countries (Europe). Some of them should be found in our store, others hopefully will coming up for sale again in the future!

You´ll also find some notes about labels, designers, photograpers, and the music itself in a historical perspec-tive. We also would like to recommend a feature called "Klassiska skivomslag" (Classic album covers) which is running as a series on the Swedish web magazine Digjazz is run by the writer and acclaimed jazz photographer Gunnar Holmberg.

Later, in the 1930s, the English Columbia formed EMI and was forced to sell its American operations back to the US.

In the late 1930s the American Columbia Records was sold to CBS, Columbia Broadcasting System.

During the 1950s, Columbia´s US recordings were distributed in Europe on the Philips label.

From the early 1960s the US Columbia albums were labelled as CBS recordings when sold in Europe.

It seems to be the first pop/jazz LP ever (picture below).

Surprisingly this first LP does not have a pictorial cover, in spite of the fact that such a cover already exists.

ALEX STEINWEISS created the first illustrated cover for an album of 78 rpm records.

Before that, the albums were sold in plain brown sleeves, with a cardboard outer jacket and just the name of the artist stamped on the front. Below his very first cover, a Rodgers & Hart collection from 1939.

Later he concentrated on graphics for posters, magazine covers and packaging design.

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