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Marie's 1810 marriage to Clausewitz did not make sense to many observers (least of all her mother). She was a wealthy, cultured, and politically engaged young woman from a famous family, one of the highest-ranking non-royals in Prussia. DOI:10.1080/00922013.1989.9943577 Angstrom, Jan [researcher, Swedish National Defence College; research student at Department of War Studies, King"s College London]. Paris: Editions Gallimard, 1976.] A notoriously poor translation—most reviewers advise the reader to get this book in the original French. "Real Genius: Does the Pentagon need a creative director." Vol.

On the other hand, the realist novels of Balzac, Stendhal, and Tolstoy questioned whether chance and contingency could ever be described or controlled. Combining the best features of an annotated bibliography and a high-level encyclopedia, this cutting-edge resource guides researchers to the best available scholarship across a wide variety of subjects. "Clausewitz and Beaufre – the relationship of politics and war." Paper written in connection with MA program in War Studies at Kings College London (early 2000s). Comparing US Tactics in Afghanistan and Vietnam." 6. September 11 and the United States" Afghan War." 6. "The Nature of Modern War: Some Conclusions." In Angstrom, Jan, and Duyvesteyn, Isabelle, eds., . " This contains a very interesting misrepresentation of Clausewitz's categories of war, specifically an alleged category of "total war" aimed at the political extinction of the opposing power. " a longer version of this response is "Musings on Bruce Fleming); and Michael David Rohr, Professor Emeritus, Department of Philosophy, Rutgers University; and Fleming's reply. Posted to The Clausewitz Homepage with the permission of the editors of (Air University), Volume 4, Issue 5(March 5, 2009). Duyvesteyn, Isabelle [lecturer, History of International Relations Department, Institute of History, Utrecht University]. Concludes that such wars, despite the preconceptions of the "new wars" scholars, do in fact have overriding political rationales, which "revalidates Carl von Clausewitz's nineteenth-century understanding of war." E Earle, Edward Mead, ed. "Clausewitz in the Twenty First-Century: Primacy of policy and a new containment." New York, Scribner's Sons, 1985 [esp. Engberg-Pedersen, Anders [Associate Professor of Comparative Literature in the Department for the Study of Culture at the University of Southern Denmark]. Rapoport's long, interesting, but hostile introduction (the ire of which is aimed not at Clausewitz himself but at Henry Kissinger and the "neo-Clausewitzians" responsible for the Vietnam War) has been extremely influential on subsequent treatments of Clausewitz, particularly John Keegan's. Building up a genealogy of dialectical war theory and integrating Hegel as a co-founder with Clausewitz of the method, Cormier uncovers a common logic that shaped the fighting doctrines and ethics of modern war. "Clausewitz, Lenin and Communist Military Attitudes Today." . Despite cutting much of Clausewitz's own discussion for space, it retains many of Maude's Victorian-era imperialist and Social Darwinist insertions, giving the impression that these are part of Clausewitz's own presentation. The introduction by Ralph Peters is most interesting. , Youri Cormier lifts the fog on this iconic work by explaining its philosophical underpinnings. Although they failed, these 19th-century thinkers, each operating from a different perspective, anticipated what we’ve come to call chaos and complexity theory. Tracing the historical and philosophical roots of modern war from the 17th Century through to the present day, this book reveals that far from paralyzing the project of re-problematisating war, the emergence of NCW affords us an opportunity to rethink war in new and philosophically challenging ways." H Hahlweg, Werner. Hakansson, Kersti [research assistant in military history, Swedish National Defence College]. Comparing US Tactics in Afghanistan and Vietnam." In Angstrom, Jan, and Duyvesteyn, Isabelle, eds., (Stockholm, Sweden: Department of War Studies, Swedish National Defence College [Krigsvetenskapliga Institutionen, Försvarshögsk], 2003. "Clausewitz: Some Thoughts on What the Germans Got Right." Nelson, Harold [Colonel, USA]. Nils Marius Rekkedal [Lieutenant Colonel, Norwegian army; professor of military theory, Swedish National Defence College], "Exploring the Common Ground of the Debates on the Revolution in Military Affairs and Non-State Warfare." (Deleted from later version listed below.) 11.

Marcel de Haas [Royal Netherlands Air Force; lecturer in International Relations and International Law, Royal Netherlands Military Academy], "The Second Chechen War: An Analysis of the Levels of Strategy." (Deleted from later version listed below.) 12. Isabelle Duyvesteyn [lecturer, History of International Relations Department, Institute of History, Utrecht University], "The Nature of Modern War: Some Conclusions." Argersinger, Steven J. "Karl von Clausewitz: Analysis of FM 100-5." CONTENTS 1. "Introduction: Debating the Nature of Modern War." 2. Available on Microfilm from University Microfilms International, UMI order#9215511 Bassford, Christopher. "The Primacy of Policy and the 'Trinity' in Clausewitz's Mature Thought." In Hew Strachan and Andreas Herberg-Rothe, eds. Hegel on 'On War.'” Master’s Thesis, US Army Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, KS, 1988. ISBN 0199232024 Breede, Hans Christian [Captain, INF, MA, CD, Royal Canadian Regiment]. This approach allows us to show that the interstate system experienced a fundamental shift in the mechanisms underlying the production of war sizes: a shift that can be dated to the years 1770–1810, and that resulted in a systematic increase in war severity. "Tiptoe Through the Trinity, or, The Strange Persistence of Trinitarian Warfare." This working paper is derived from a presentation given at Oxford in 2005 but is much more comprehensive. Note: Two published articles (with different emphases) derive from this on-line working paper: Bassford, Christopher. "Clausewitz and the Blue Flower of Romanticism: Understanding . "A Deaf Ear to Clausewitz: Allied Operational Objectivesin WWII." Oxford, England: Oxford University Press, 1996/98 [evidently written in 1994], pp.44-57. [Proceedings of a March, 2005 conference at Oxford] (Oxford University Press, 2007). Camberley: The Strategic and Combat Studies Institute, 1995. Drawing on extreme value theory, we demonstrate that temporal discontinuities in the shapes of the tails of such distributions can be used to draw inferences about the nature of the mechanisms underlying the bloodiest events in world history. No attempt has been made to sort out scholarly, journalistic, business, military or student documents, though there is some annotation. This is simply a rehash of the same material, tailored specifically to support a class presentation focused on the state system. Virgilio Ilari [President, Società Italiana di Storia Militare] Acies Edizioni Milano, 2016. This paper examines a number of categories of war either explored by Clausewitz or attributed to him by later writers. Includes a newly-found drawing of Clausewitz made c.1808-1810. "Clausewitz in the Age of Al-Jazeera: Rethinking the Military-Media Relationship." Paper, Harvard Symposium "Restless Searchlight: The Media and Terrorism." 21 August 2002.

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