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Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie was able to negotiate a resolution after talking with Bundy, he said. while gathering with other supporters of the Bundy family to challenge the Bureau of Land Management Anti-government groups, right-wing politicians and gun-rights activists camped around Bundy's ranch to support him, in a standoff that tapped into long-simmering anger in Nevada and other Western states, where vast tracts of land are owned and governed by federal agencies.‘Based on information about conditions on the ground and in consultation with law enforcement, we have made a decision to conclude the cattle gather because of our serious concern about the safety of employees and members of the public,’ the bureau's director, Neil Kornze, said in a statement.Kornze's announcement came after Bundy repeatedly promised to "do whatever it takes" to protect his property and after a string of raucous confrontations between his family members and supporters and federal agents during the weeklong operation.'The dispute is over, the BLM is leaving, but emotions and tensions are still near the boiling point, and we desperately need a peaceful conclusion to this conflict,' U. The protesters, who at the height of the standoff numbered about 1,000, met the news with applause.

Some held signs reading ‘Americans united against government thugs,’ while others were calling the rally the ‘Battle of Bunkerville,’ a reference to a American Revolutionary War battle of Bunker Hill in Boston. Dan Zehnder said the showdown was resolved with no injuries and no violence. Cowboys and patriots: Kholten Gleave, right, of Utah, pauses for the National Anthem outside of Bunkerville , Nev.

Officials blamed a protester kicking a K-9 unit for the aggression.

Local leaders of the protests have warned supporters of the Bundys not to wear camouflage and to keep any weapons they bring in their vehicles to try to stem further clashes.

‘Now that this precedent has been set and they're emboldened by the government's capitulation, what's to stop them from applying the same tactics and threats elsewhere?

’In previous days, men carrying AK-47s and handguns had been pictured at the camp in southern Nevada that was set up in protest at the bureau's attempt to confiscate cattle from Bundy, whose family has been working the land for centuries.

The dispute that triggered the roundup dates to 1993, when the BLM cited concern for the federally protected tortoise.

The agency later revoked grazing rights for Bundy, who is the last rancher in Clark County.

And it always has,” he said, speaking from the White House.

As his officials said the President would travel to Las Vegas on Wednesday, a day after he visits Puerto Rico, he added: “Our unity cannot be shattered by evil and our bonds cannot be broken by violence.” Later, Mr Trump and the First Lady held a minute’s silence on the White House’s South Lawn to honour those who were killed, the sound of a bell ringing out and the flag flying at half-mast.

During the stand-off, some chanted ‘open that gate’ and ‘free the people.’‘If we don't show up everywhere, there is no reason to show up anywhere,’ said the man, dressed in camouflage pants and a black flak jacket crouched behind a concrete highway barrier, holding an AR-15 rifle.

‘I'm ready to pull the trigger if fired upon,’ Scott said.

At 10.06pm on Sunday he started shooting at the Route 91 Harvest music festival where 22,000 people had gathered to watch country stars from across the nation.