Dating longcase clock cases

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They first appeared in 1600s and continued production until the mid-19th century where it was disrupted due to World War I.An antique long case clock is apparently the best known of all the antique and old clocks.

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This is the oldest form of collectible clock you can find.

Mantel clocks are highly decorative timepieces and are typically made from combinations of porcelain, wood, and ormolu.

The movements are mostly of either brass or wood and can run from 30 hours to 8 days between windings.

Antique lantern clocks were not perfectly accurate; they commonly lose or gain about 10 to 15 minutes daily.

A common feature of lantern clocks is its alarm function which is done and set by turning a small dial inside the main dial.

Tall case clocks are classified into 2; the comtoise and the bornholm grandfather clocks.

The former can be recognized by its potbelly case and predominantly curved designs.They are so called bracket clocks because they had to be mounted on a bracket on the wall to give room for their hanging weights.Antique bracket clocks are often housed in a rectangular case and were done in ebony finish with side pillars and a pediment on top; later pieces were stained black or ebonized, the pillars were removed and a domed top replaced the pediment and was added a carrying handle.Longcase clocks are more commonly known in the US as tall case clocks.It is also called grandfather, grandmother and granddaughter clock which can be discerned by the difference in their sizes.They are treasured heirlooms passed on from one generation to the other.

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