Dating in switzerland for marriage

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Dating in switzerland for marriage - dating and relationship site

Marriage no longer has any effect on a person's Swiss citizenship or on their cantonal or communal citizenship. A Swiss woman who marries a Swiss man retains her existing cantonal and communal citizenship If you do not make a will or testamentary contract, the law decides who will inherit your possessions and assets.

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The Law, first introduced in 2011 by the Swiss federal government, aimed to lower, among other requirements, the residency requirement from 12 years to 8 years.

Since many nationality laws now allow both parents to transmit their nationality to their common child (and not only the father, as used to be often the case), many children automatically acquire multiple citizenship at birth.

This is especially frequent in Switzerland, since a relatively high proportion of the population holds a foreign passport (up to 54% in Geneva and 20% nationally).

A foundling acquires Swiss citizenship and the citizenship of the canton in which s/he was found.

The canton decides which bourgeoisie the child receives.

Thus, foreigners who acquire Swiss citizenship and Swiss citizens who voluntarily acquire another citizenship keep their previous citizenship (subject to the laws of the other country), as was the case before this date.

An estimated 60% of Swiss nationals living abroad in 1998 were multiple citizens.Nationals who are naturalised take the nationality of the municipality in which they were naturalised; citizens who became Swiss by virtue of their parents or of their marriage to a Swiss national, take the municipality of their father or spouse.It is not to be confused with the place of birth, which may be different.Each municipality in Switzerland maintains its own registry of citizens, which is separate from the registry of people living in the municipality.Most Swiss citizens do not live in their municipality of origin; therefore, they are often required by the municipality in which they live to get a certificate of citizenship (acte d'origine/Heimatschein/atto d'origine) from their place of origin.The new law also requires cantons to set a minimum residency requirement of between 2 and 5 years, as well as requiring applicants to have a permanent residency permit (Autorisation d'établissement), which is known as a C permit.

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