Dating find friend services

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Dating find friend services

They help you find real friends who you share deep common interests with.

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It is more commercial than apps like Party with a Local, but it's still a way to get help with your travel needs while actually meeting an interesting person in the process.Price: Free (i OS, Android) Wildcard is a bit like Tinder for networking.You create a "card" which shows who you are and what you are looking for, and then try to match with others.It's sort of like Cragslist "Missed Connections," but you can search by your flight information.Sure, it's a long shot, but what do you have to lose?Get Real matches you with people, romantic or not, and lets you pick a place to meet. The app does this by connecting you to people via what you hashtag.

You type in a hashtag and then are matched with someone who also shares an interest in that topic. Price: Free (i OS, Android) Treatings is a social network that helps you find collaborators for your next project.

Like the app Yo, it's a little silly in its simplicity. " This app is for when you really just need to get a drink with someone.

Price: Free (i OS, Android) Hinge is a dating app that works by matching you only with people in your extended social network.

If matched, their card goes into your virtual Roledex.

You can also join and create "decks," which are collections of people based on events or locations, and serve as a shortcut to finding potential connections.

The app goes out to "third degree connections" of your Facebook friends to build you a network that is, hopefully, creep-free.