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Dating engine php - cheerleaders and football players dating

It appears to be good for around 2-3 mpg more than the 3.6 would be, but there’s really no way to know.There are now suggestions that the 3.2 liter engine will be dropped when the Cherokee is updated. A V8 was rumored early on, but it did not appear in the Five Year Plan; insiders told of us a 4.8 liter V8, which has been cancelled.

The Phoenix engines were first discussed by Allpar member "superduckie" way back in March 2006.The new versions will, at first, all be made in Mexico, rather than the United States V6 plants.The Pentastar’s wide torque band allows it to sit around at 1,200 rpm when cruising and 600 rpm when idling, so moving to three cylinders at that point might not save enough fuel to be worth the added cost and complexity.Torque became a design imperative which guided Buick engineers ever after.These engines had some commonalities throughout this 23-year period, but development and refinement was continuous. Buick employed Straight-8 engines in all models from 1931 through 1952 and in the Specials in 1953 when the nailhead V-8 was introduced in the Super and Roadmaster models.

These engines were rugged and established Buick's lasting reputation for engines which produce gobs of low-end torque.

A twin turbo and single-turbocharger 3.0 V6 were originally planned for 2014, producing 420 and 370 horsepower respectively (these numbers were targets); it appears to now be waiting for 2017-2020.

Still, Ferrari/Maserati have created a 404 horsepower twin-turbo V6, using a modified Pentastar block; buyers can get them in the 300C-derived Maserati Ghibli.

If we rely only on the Five Year Plan chart and what we know of current production and testing, we get this revised chart.

We don’t know what happened to direct injection — or whether the 3.2 will be Multi Air equipped.

Gas mileage is said to be good, partly due to the use of high-pressure, die-cast blocks, which save on labor and allow for thinner walls and less use of aluminum.

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