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If you wish to find an individual member, you may type their username directly into the 'Username' text box and click search. You need to register in order to place a profile as your registered name is what identifies you in the system and allows us to find your profile for you to edit through the 'My Information' option.

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This section lets you delete or edit your profile or change your registration details (if for example you change your main e-mail address).If you wish to see only profiles with photos the tick the 'Photo Ads Only' box.You can quickly move through the regions box by pressing the '-' (dash) on your keyboard.Profiles are FREE to place and are much more fun than simply registering. There is also a section in our blog - - on how to write a good profile.At we are hot on great profiles and encourage you to write a good description about yourself. If you fill the profile box with random characters or write something like "Just checking this site out" we will delete your profile.Double Click for Publishers helps you focus on more of what you need and less of what you don’t.

Add functionality as your business grows, and manage it all seamlessly from a single platform Our natively integrated sales management platform makes selling and booking seamless.Click an emoticon to enter it at any point in your message and press send to message the user.Although you can communicate with several people simultaneously, only the member you are messaging will see your message.If you make a mistake, you will not receive your password.As a member, you may login by clicking on the link in the top menu bar on the homepage.We encourage people to log on on Wednesday and Thursday evenings after 7.30pm GMT for IM.

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