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Programs classified as “SPG” may contain more serious topic and theme, which may not be advisable for children to watch except under the very vigilant guidance and presence of a parent or an adult.

An “R-18” rating does not mean that the film is “obscene”, “offensive”, or “pornographic,” as these terms are defined by law.An “R-13” classification advises parents, supervising adults, or the would-be viewers themselves, that the film may contain any of the elements that may not be suitable for children below 13 years of age.A film classified as “R-13” must, in the judgment of the Board, meet the following criteria: Only viewers who are 16 years old and above can be admitted.The television program classified as “PG” must, in the judgment of the Board, meet the following criteria: A pictogram advisory accompanied by full-screen written and verbal advisory to the effect that the program is classified as “Parental Guidance” shall be broadcast for at least 10 seconds immediately before the opening credits of the particular television material classified as such.Stronger and more vigilant parental guidance is suggested.Any television program that does not conform to the “G”, “PG” or “SPG” classification shall be disapproved for television broadcast.

The material shall be disapproved for television broadcast if, in the judgment of the Board applying contemporary Filipino cultural values as standard, it is objectionable for being immoral, indecent, contrary to law and/or good customs, injurious to the prestige of the Republic of the Philippines or its people, or with a dangerous tendency to encourage the commission of violence, or of a wrong, or crime, such as but not limited to: All programs shown by the television channels are reviewed and classified by the said board.

A film classified as “R-18” must, in the judgment of the Board, meet the following criteria: A much publicized use of the X rating by the MTRCB was the issuance of such rating to To Live for the Masses, a documentary film portraying the life of former Philippine president Joseph Estrada in 2006.

Certain portions of the film, especially the portions with regard to the 2001 EDSA Revolution, were deemed by the MTRCB to be inciting political rebellion, a charge denied by the producers of the documentary.

However, to merit the issuance of an “SPG” rating, the gravity of the material must, in the judgment of the Board, be leaning towards the maximum allowable for Parental Guidance rating.

In determining the proper classification rating, the Board shall consider the purpose, genre, and time slot of the program as well as the treatment and depiction of attendant factors such as, but not limited to: Theme (Tema), Language (Lenggwahe), Violence (Karahasan), Sex (Sekswal), Horror and Drugs (Droga).

Each one holds office for a term of one year but may be reappointed after the expiration of their term. Villareal is currently the Board chairman appointed since December 2012. A “G” classification advises parents or supervising adults that the film is suitable for all audiences.

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