Dating community in cuba

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"You have a situation where you find some young people who do something for the common good," Rodriguez says."They do something to be together and take responsibility to develop complex things. 18-years-old kids who are taking this kind of complex responsibility in the development of this huge network." Rodriguez traces its origin back to 2012 when the country introduced a formal system for providing limited internet to the public.

It is, he says, purely a thing born of the need to socialize, initially to socialize through video games.It's one of the ways the many network moderators try to fly under the government's radar.The Snet now is massive; one person estimates that more than 20,000 people use it in Havana alone, and its web of interconnections might make taking it down impossible, but no one wants to risk that. It does create a bit of a conundrum for someone who doesn't have access to the Snet.As we drive through the side-streets of Old Havana in a meticulously cared for 1960s Russian car, the neighborhood leader points to one of the thick clusters of cables strung across the road between telephone poles. I ask how they managed to string a LAN cable across the road. Somewhere past the many windows facing the dusty park rests a major server, home to all of the content found in this cluster of the network.My contact points out cables surreptitiously running out of windows, or between buildings.A few minutes later he tells me that he can't do an interview until all of the city's administrators approve it and that can't happen until the next meet-up.

A month later I hear through a connection that the administrator I met is no longer part of the Snet.The available, but limited, internet access expanded the desire for networking at a time when Cubans who grew up playing video games were leaving high school and moving on to college.The Snet started, according to several people I spoke with who help administer nodes and to Rodriguez, when two friends strung some cable between their homes so they could play LAN games.They are the wireless form of those long cables connecting people to one another on the Snet. He looks at me for a second, his red-rimmed, slightly glassy eyes staring at me as the translator explains that I'm hoping to talk to the leadership of the Snet.He tells her that he has to check into the request and walks off.When one of them moved away, they extended the network so they could continue gaming.

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