Dating a workaholic man

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Dating a workaholic man

I gave her advice all week on the phone, about stress, etc.

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Hi, I went out with someone for 18 months who was a workaholic and I want to share what I learnt for anyone else who is in the same situation.

She did go out with her friend to a bar for a drink one night.

Her friend went to the toilet and she fell asleep on the chair whilst she was gone – this is how tired she was.

She started taking phone calls on her personal mobile phone about work on her day off and before or after her shifts started.

If she needed to go the doctors or dentists she would leave it a matter of weeks until her work schedule allowed it.

I said that obviously sex should a compromise – we had been having a lot less sex anyway, because she was always exhausted.

Then over the next 3 months, she got more exhausted.

I said yes, no problem, and that I understood the effects of stress, etc.

She said that she started to realise the effect it was having on her & her health and was considering asking take a lower position at work.

to work extremely hard, potentially make yourself ill), then I couldn’t see it working between us – I said it over the phone as well. I totally regret dealing with it like this - and told her this after as well. It was definitely, the way she was wired - addicted to the drug of work.

When she came to see me next, she said she hadn’t talked to her manager about taking a step down, mainly because what I’d said to her. But I try to take off equal amounts of time for my family and friends. She even joked a few times 'I'm married to my job'.

After a couple of months in her new job, I sat her down and very calmly and in a non-needy way said that I was concerned about the number of hours she was working and that I started to feel single the last few months.

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