Dating a truck driver forums

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However, we maintain (as we say on our home page), "It's not just how much you earn that counts; it's also how much you keep! Advertising Truck Driving Jobs Visit just about any truck stop, you will see a trucking magazine rack or display like the one shown at right.You may see some outside the door and another inside (sometimes near the showers or lounge area).

The pay rate -- which can be roughly calculated toward a potential truck driver salary -- is almost always expressed in cents per mile (sometimes abbreviated as "cpm").As of January 2013, there were 420 truck driver salaries for 216 companies listed.To give a comparison between what truck driver salaries used to be like, you may be interested in a 2006 resource.Depending on the trucking companies for which they work, most regional and long haul truckers may be eligible beyond the truck driver salary for employee benefits after a probationary period.Although not part of truck driver salary (what you are paid), these things can benefit you.This is simply Tables of Potential Truck Driver Salaries So, let's look at potential truck driver salaries (before taxes are taken out) at various pay rates in 5 cent per mile intervals.

We've arbitrarily selected a weekly average of 2500 paid miles per week (or 500 miles per day, 5 days a week) loaded and deadhead.

Please bear in mind that these are truck driver salary "ranges" (meaning that some drivers will be paid more and some will be paid less).

When this article was originally written (August 2011), there were 237 salaries for 135 companies listed for "truck driver" through

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We say "roughly" because irregular route carriers usually don't offer exactly the same number of miles per week. The pay rate stated may be for newly hired drivers, owner operators or teams, so you have to pay attention to the details.

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