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Some say in kindergarten, they learned all they need to know.But I have learned from UFC, from watching Super Fights If we follow their example, we will be all right.

We emerged from God’s own mind, evolved from earlier forms Both emerged creatively when life was moist and warm.

You only get to know a cheese when you slice it up And you only get to know a person when they open up.

If you put the cheese next to smelly food Cheese pulls in the stink, and then your cheese is screwed.

Ernest was strict and oh, so stern Caspar left Hesse and never returned.

William took mustard gas in his lungs Ellen with influenza, died too young.

I learned from Gracie to be calm, when all around seems bleak The Surgeon simply waited, while most others would have freaked.

His rival thought, “I’m winning, I’ll punch Gracie at my whim.” But then like lightening the Surgeon would snap off an errant limb.And so there’s many, many different types of cheese. Cheese has many textures, different tastes and feels And people have so many types of values and ideals.Cheese must not be left to dry, or it will slowly rot It also needs air to breathe or it’ll get slimy spots.Role models teach us lessons that we surely need to know Without important lessons, we could surely never grow.Some say they learned stuff on the street, from there they learned to grow.Sometimes in life, we need to explore deep philosophical issues and great moral questions.