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For what it’s worth, I had 20 minutes to spare on several blocks.USMLE Step 1 predictive calculator (use at your own risk): embryo animations/guides: I’ll provide a copy of my schedule, but you should create your own.

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If something is This is really “Co-Rule #1” – don’t concern yourself with what other people are doing.

Many medical students isolate themselves to study for the USMLE.

I think it’s fine to isolate yourself physically (I’m most productive alone), but don’t cut off your lines of communication.

Finally, remember that nothing can simulate test day precisely – : I see a lot of the following advice – “don’t worry about looking at the answers, read the question and think of what the answer should be first” – that’s fine if you get tricked often, but is otherwise a waste of time.

The strategy that is the most time-saving is the following: read the first line (often a presentation) so you know your patient is – then read the last line and peek at the answer choices.

If you are interested in the results of my prep, skip to the bottom before continuing – the rest of this article will be dedicated to strategies and ‘rules’ to help you succeed.

You have to start by outlining your goals – if you don’t have goals, you can’t have a plan, and if you don’t have a plan, you’ve forfeited, period.

Having just experienced this exam myself, I can attest to its grueling nature – a 7 hour exam on all one has learned in the first two years of medical school (with some topics reaching back to undergraduate education).

However, the test is also a rite of passage, and I can’t say I disagree with being subjected to it – studying for this exam forces you to stand back and appreciate the breadth of medicine (though the exam is far from exhaustive) and also to make associations between disparate topics.

Before he scratches you, look at his pupils – that’s a [sympathetic nervous system] response,” a mentor once told me.

Fortunately, if you’re not a cat person, you can also elicit this response by mentioning the USMLE Step 1 to any second year medical student in America.

Review everything, and what you’ll do is solidify your knowledge in strong topics (allowing you to answer questions faster, with greater confidence), and build knowledge in weak areas.