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The old dread of slipping from the narrow ledge upon which he lay came back, and with a terrible feeling of despair he waited for the moment when he would again be falling swiftly through the air to share the fate of his mount. " shouted the boy downward, and from between his hands.

Chris had begun to try, and forcing himself backward along the ledge inch by inch, he soon had the satisfaction of feeling that he was more hidden from the danger of being shot at than he expected, while the cliff-wall at whose foot he lay completely screened him from above. "We only just found that he was here.""We didn't look at them before we went off this morning," said Wilton."No, and I remember I reproached myself once for not doing so. "Seeing this poor fellow has made me forget my bruises.""But you are the better for your long sleep? " cried Chris excitedly."I hope so, my boy; but I am not a veterinary surgeon.He had held his breath painfully while he watched, and now, feeling that he was wrong, and must say something to those below, he breathed again freely and was about to speak when his heart seemed to stand still again, for one swinging bough was slightly agitated and pressed aside, showing the glistening, copper-hued skin of an Indian's shoulder, with the strap of a quiver-sling plainly in view.The man was evidently crawling like a short thick serpent to reach a spot from which he could shoot; but it was not to be, for covering the Indian's side the boy waited a full minute to see if a better opportunity presented itself; and it came, for after lying perfectly still for awhile the man raised himself a little as if to clear something in his way, and then gave a spasmodic jerk, rolled over sidewise, and came gliding out from beneath the hanging growth, to fall like those who had gone before."How horrible!He reasoned with himself in a kind of argument and appeal to his common-sense."This natural shelf," he said, "is about a foot wide, and if it were only just above the ground I should feel not the slightest nervousness, but be ready to stand up and run along it, instead of creeping back like a worm. "He must have got here somehow and joined his mates in the night. Luck squared or cubed, or somethinged, up to the tenth power. "But, I say, you said that the Indians shot at him till he was as full of arrows as a pincushion is full of pins.""I didn't. "Poor old fellow, I wouldn't part with him for the world. "The animal limped badly, and so did Chris, as they came within touch, when the pony thrust forward its muzzle in response to its master's extended hand, and then dropped its head and looked dejected in the extreme, but blinked and whinnied again as it felt itself caressed."My old beauty! He'd like to dress the wounds himself.""No need," said Ned sharply, as a distant whistle rang out; "here they come."The whistle was answered, and a few minutes later the doctor and Wilton came into sight, saw the lads, and joined them."What's the matter? "But you had better get a good strong bridle on him again, doctor.""We'll see.Suppose it does go down hundreds of feet, what then? The horror of that great unknown depth was too hard to master; but he raised himself slowly on all fours to see if he could not turn himself round so as to crawl the rest of the way head first instead of feet. Chris's lips parted for a cry to escape, but his teeth remained fast set, and there was not a sound for the moment. I never noticed it, and no one else did, of course.""Oh, Ned, this is good luck! I said he was wounded two or three times.""All the same. Just wait till I've had a look at him, and then I tell you what we'll do. He'll soon show whether he will bear what I do, or show fight." groaned Chris, and in imagination he saw the crushed and bleeding body of the sturdy little steed lying motionless amidst the heap of stones.

The fancy was so horribly vivid that he shivered as if from a cold wind passing over him, while all the time he was bathed with perspiration.

There was a hopefulness about this, a feeling of being rewarded for his effort to try, which nerved the boy to continue, in spite of the difficulties attending his backward progress and the way in which his rifle caught against the wall, and his having to stop again and again to readjust the holster of his revolver, which kept on slipping round."This going backward is horrible," he said to himself at last, as he paused rather out of breath to look anxiously about him, but felt in better heart upon again seeing how thoroughly he was screened from the Indians. ""Get your rifle then; we mustn't stir without our popguns now. But there, we're giving all our sympathy to the pony. ""Yes, father; only a bit ashamed.""Never mind that.—Tut, tut, tut! Depend upon it, though, that I shall do my best."The pony followed them like a dog, holding out its muzzle to Chris from time to time, and uttering as soon as he was caressed a piteous sigh.

The danger was not there, and he had nothing to mind on one side where the rock-wall went right up, probably to the tableland above, which, for aught he knew to the contrary, might come right to the edge of the mass of earth and stone. Why, I say, I never thought your mount was pure bred. Come on."Chris limped a great deal, and suffered plenty of pain, but he got down the slope bravely, managing to step from stone to stone until the way down to the water was passed and the two lads were hurrying across the verdant portion of the valley towards where the animals were browsing and grazing. Let's have the heads of these arrows out first thing.""Yes; they must be ready to fester in the wounds. But he did not wince till they were close up to the slope, where the doctor asked for bucket, water, and sponge, and began his attentions, with Chris's help, to the suffering, badly-injured beast. A PATIENT PATIENT."I wonder you are both alive," said the doctor gravely, as he began to make a careful examination of the mustang.

Then all at once there was a fresh beating of the pony's hoofs from below, where everything was hidden.

This was followed by a sharp scrambling sound, and again by a tremendous rush as of earth and stones sliding down for awhile before reaching the bottom with a crash."My poor nag!

" And then, as if ashamed of himself for so shrinking a reply, he alluded to one only of the dangers which hemmed him in by crying out, "Indians!

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