Cam chats anything goes

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By the time I'm ready to take the call, I've missed it by a long shot.

Everyone texts, usually with emoji and GIFs and little punctuation.

(the Duo ad does a great job showing you all the cool things you can do with Knock Knock, but mostly I use it to make sure everyone's clothed.) Swipe up to answer, and you're on the call. You can use Duo to call anyone, but it seems designed largely for calling the same people over and over.

Place a new call and the app offers two options: re-dial one of your most recent calls, or start a new one.

Even if everyone decides to get down with video calling, Google needs to get tons of people to download the app if it is to become part of the world's messaging lexicon.

Almost everyone already has a video-chatting app, be it it Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, Face Time, or even Google's own Hangouts.

Huskies Dig Pet Chatz We love our Pet Chatz camera!

It’s a great way to check up on our two Huskies while we are gone.Duo is Google's attempt to make video calling happen. There are so many ways to keep in touch with friends and family online these days, but Facebook’s Messenger app is one of the easiest options. Many of the people you know are probably already on Facebook’s main social networking site, so there’s no need to faff around with phone numbers or PINs.It’s free from your app store, or by following the prompt from the main app.If your Facebook account is tied to your phone you won’t have to login again.[Read more: How do I download and install Facebook Messenger?

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