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Blogs about dating older men - dating someone who goes to a different college

That’s not to say that women don’t respond to visual stimulation either, or that that stimulation doesn’t lead to genital arousal, but that arousal doesn’t always trigger desire in women the way that it does with men.When I talk to guys about their porn use, many describe a lack of pre-meditation.

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Additionally, many women have contended that porn, until fairly recently, was never really created with female customers in mind; that porn was designed to appeal to men and lacked elements that were more organic to female sexuality, such as foreplay, intimacy and erotic storylines.

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- More women are using porn to satisfy a general curiosity about sex overall, and - More women are comfortable and confident in asserting their opinions on the subject.

In short, women are increasingly using porn for pretty much the same reasons (and pleasures) as men. To be honest, I’d always been of the mind that men and women are somewhat different when it comes to porn, for both biological and sociological reasons: On the biological side, I’ve often said female sexual desire is more complex than male desire, and that porn rather clearly illustrates that difference: In men, visual stimulation leads quickly to sexual arousal, and with that chain of arousal often comes a desire to be stimulated to orgasm.

Well, today there are many porn sites geared toward women.

In fact, there’s even a regular Feminist Porn Awards that recognizes erotic entertainment that is smart, sexy, and appreciates women as viewers.

You may see your message on-air during CNN's New Year's Eve celebration with Anderson and Kathy or featured on He is a former host of “The Apprentice Asia.” In 2001, he and his partners bought Air Asia for just 25 cents and turned it around. Poppy Harlow looks at how Fernandes' handling of this disaster is different from the actions of Malaysia Air’s CEO following the disappearance of Flight 370.

There were 162 men, women and children on board Air Asia Flight 8501.

Anderson Cooper looks at the plane’s final moments and the search for answers.

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