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Russell and Pratt are beautifully cast – peas from the same laid-back, wisecracking, vaguely-surfer-dude pod, albeit peas a generation apart.Their scenes together are some of the best in a film once again directed and co-written by James Gunn, who has made the franchise his own.

However, if pushed, I’d say Ronan, the main baddie, was dead, poor Groot had been heroically reduced to a cutting, and Peter Quill (Chris Pratt), our disco-dancing, Walkman-wearing hero, had discovered that there were serious doubts about his parentage.For a while it just seems to become an endless series of spectacular visual effects.But Gunn is learning as he goes and is certainly better at balancing all the silliness and fun with some proper darker moments.Winner of the 2016 Best Animation Star Wars Fan Film Award.With the growing number of Jedi, Sith & Force-sensitive fans, we wondered; how dedicated is each fan?Lucasfilm and Star are proud to present the winners of The Star Wars Fan Film Awards 2016 — a celebration of fandom and a galaxy far, far away!

We are continually amazed by the creativity of Star Wars fans, and this year’s entries truly dazzled and delighted us. Rey can finally confront Luke with all of her questions.And yes, it really is a franchise now, with a third film already in the pipeline, when, presumably, Sylvester Stallone – who graces this one but briefly – will play a bigger part. Well, obviously Peter being reunited with his father is the headline news, but that all happens while the Guardians are busy escaping the golden-skinned citizens of the Sovereign, whom they’ve upset because Rocket (the genetically engineered raccoon character voiced by Bradley Cooper – do keep up) has relieved them of some particularly valuable batteries.Ayesha, the female leader of the Sovereign, is played by Elizabeth Debicki, who made such an impact on TV’s The Night Manager and doesn’t go unnoticed here.And, yes, franchise fans will be pleased to know, that does get another outing here.At two-and-a-quarter hours, the film is ultimately a little too long and convoluted for its own good and loses traction as Ego’s true identity and divine plan are revealed. It’s fast become one of my favourite Marvel Comics franchises.

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