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, a new exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York curated by Frances Rosenfeld, opening Wednesday, December 20, digs into New York’s ice skating past, tracing its evolution from 19th-century craze, to the elaborate spectacle, commercialized leisure activity, and competitive sport through the 20th century and beyond.The exhibition begins in the 1860s, when the ponds and lakes of Central Park and Brooklyn opened to the public for skating.

This comes after her Vogue favorite mother Cindy Crawford, 51, also took the front of a T-shirt...New York City girl Ella, now 13, was subject to an Instagram predator's terror when she was 12.The exhibition also delves into the sport’s continued role as a feat of athleticism to be watched and mesmerized by, represented by the inclusion of hockey, speed skating, and figure skating objects, including outfits from some of New York’s most famous figure skaters like Johnny Weir, Sarah Hughes, and Carol Heiss.takes advantage of its smaller exhibition space, enveloping visitors in walls the color of warm hot chocolate, reminding us that it’s an activity to be loved and enjoyed, be it in Central Park or the Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers.Since then, the enjoyment people found on the ice would slowly turn into a craze as massive artificial ice rinks, tons of ponds, and flooded lots across the five boroughs significantly increasing the amount of ice surfaces for New Yorkers to enjoy in the early- to mid-20th century.It moves in four sections: “New Yorkers Take To the Ice,” “City of Rinks,” “Skating for the People,” and “New York Ice Champions.” The first three sections reveal just how many rinks and ponds were available to people- far more than we have [email protected] Point Mag @Clazzati @Mark_Up_ @Gdoweek @Pointoutto…

Ice skating is New York City’s favorite wintertime activity.

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The millionaire and the mechanic, the lady of fashion and those of humble rank, all meet together to enjoy this fascinating and beautiful exercise.” Skating stretched as far as people did in the city to the likes we don’t see today, from Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx, to the World Ice Arena in Flushing Queens, and Abe Stark Rink in Coney Island.

Should you want to go ice skating after walking through this exhibition as badly as we did, then Lasker Rink is just across the way from the Museum in Central Park.

Rising supermodel Kaia Gerber shared an image on Sunday of her face on the front of a Hanes T-shirt.

Il gigante cinese dell’e Commerce, il principale competitor di Alibaba in Cina, apre un negozio fisico a insegna 7Fresh dedicato al mondo dei freschi.

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