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In 1985, author Joanna Russ argued in her essay 'By Women For Women, With Love' that erotic depictions of gay men let women enjoy sexual fantasies free of a patriarchal power imbalance, and without participating in a culture of sexually objectifying women.

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“I wasn't ever a great watcher of porn and felt shocked at how bad most of the heterosexual porn was," she tells me.

The results, which were based on elements such as whether their pupils dilated in response to sexual stimuli, showed that 82% of the women tested were aroused by both sexes.

Meanwhile of the women who identified as straight, 74% were strongly sexually aroused by videos of both attractive men and attractive women.

However US researchers found that women who avoided young motherhood, were physically attractive, or had high levels of education were less likely to explore relationships with same-sex partners because they had more romantic opportunities with the opposite sex.

These women were more likely to say they were '100 per cent heterosexual.' "This indicates that women's sexuality may be more flexible and adaptive than men's," said study author Dr Elizabeth Mc Clintock, an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Notre Dame in the United States.

After all, men who enjoy girl-on-girl porn are sometimes seen as a bit sleazy.

Is there really any difference when it comes to a woman watching two men? “It’s still objectification, people are still being exploited.“Women have a right to explore their sexuality in the same way that men do,” she adds.Porn may be more accessible than ever before, but women’s interested in dude-on-dude action is actually nothing new."Some gay men might find this problematic, but for me it's all part of the flexibility and creativity of desire.It's flattering, in a way, that others find gay sexual identities and practices so intriguing.” Perhaps the appeal of gay male porn suggests a new, more diverse and independent, direction for the industry as a whole.Women are finally exploring what genuinely turns them on, rather than what they think, or have been told, is sexy.

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