Asterisk dns not updating

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In traditional DNS, all data changes are made on a single primary name server.

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S2 is the Zone In (Designated Secondary) server and S4 is the Passive Secondary server for the secondary zone zone2, called the Foreign Zone.

For each zone, one server is designated by the administrator to act as the DDNS server.

S1 is the Designated Primary DNS server for Zone 1 and S3 is a Passive Primary server.

The server assigned to perform this function in a secondary zone is called the Zone-in (Designated Secondary) DNS server.

In a secondary zone, the Zone-in server is responsible for requesting a zone transfer of data from the external primary name server.

The DNS software in Open Enterprise Server integrates DNS information into e Directory.

Integrating DNS with e Directory greatly simplifies network administration by enabling you to enter all configuration information into one distributed database.

The Designated DNS (DDNS) server is a server identified by the network administrator to perform certain tasks for a primary zone.

The DDNS server for a primary zone is the only server in that zone that receives dynamic updates from a DHCP server to perform Dynamic DNS (DDNS) updates.

After you have configured the zone, the data is available to any of the Novell DNS servers you select to make authoritative for the zone.

The Novell DNS server takes advantage of the peer-to-peer nature of e Directory by replicating the DNS data.

The Zone-in server determines which data has changed for a zone and then makes updates to e Directory so that other servers are aware of the changes.

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