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By the 1990s, evidence of the utilisation of this landscape during the Middle and Late Bronze Age was beginning to emerge.

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Associated pits containing pottery, charred plant remains and quernstones indicated a mixed agrarian economy including the cultivation of emmer wheat and hulled barley.

As the area was earmarked for the ‘Winnall Interchange’ and would be totally destroyed, excavations, supervised by Peter Fasham, took place in 19.

The area examined was 1.26 ha (over 3 acres) in extent.

In the short-term recovery was supported by regional/state aid and by charitable donations particularly from other governments and members of Neapolitan diaspora in other parts of Italy and abroad.

This enabled land clearance, agriculture was re-established and roads/rail links were restored.

Management of the disaster was enhanced when prefectural commissioners were given executive powers.

We argue that increased State intervention appears to have reduced self-reliance.The pits, as with the earlier examples, provided evidence of general domestic activities, such as animal butchery, cooking, crop production and weaving as well as ritual practice.Eighteen complete, or near complete, burials were also unearthed, including ten infants.There were also 25 instances of ‘loose’ human bone.Finds of pottery and stone were abundant, but small finds, such as jewellery and tools, were not as plentiful.The 1906 eruption of Vesuvius is well suited for such a study as it was one of the first major eruptions in which there was a significant element of State control, and this worked alongside more traditional pre-industrial responses.