Anna dating in the dark

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Anna dating in the dark

I went in to meet with Anna the morning after graduation.Needless to say, I didn’t have much time or ammo to prep a dream outfit, but I knew that I needed to look the part.

I bought the shoes for the interview, and I think that was the last time I ever wore them because they were so high anduncomfortable.

But I knew I needed something to pull it all together, so I borrowed money from my mom and splurged on them.

Overall, it was the chicest, simplest outfit I could pull together on my teeny little salary.

Of course, there are people out there who’ve interviewed with Anna Wintour since 2012 and .

But their scarcity may mean that there’s no such thing as a bad interview outfit anymore.

; before swallowed up; and before your Instagram and Twitter could get you your job (or cost you your job). Wintour was still shrouded in an Oz-like sense of mystery and fear.

Information about what went on at her desk, behind closed doors, felt as hard to come by as an Hermès Birkin. Wintour can be found dancing at the Met Gala, paling around with the Kardashians, cracking jokes, and even getting her own coffee.

I wore a navy suit, a blazer with high-waisted pants, and a brown belt with silver accents that kind of looked like ammunition.

I was 22, and I wanted to look like I had my Tonne Goodman–esque uniform already: vision and wisdom, and no time for frilly BS. She said, “Tell me about yourself.” Who knows what I actually told her about myself. I faintly remember that when I told her who I admired at the magazine, she was surprised.

I knew Anna liked floral prints, and I thought, Plus, Erdem is one of the nicest humans working in fashion, ever. The Louboutins were fairly inconspicuous — gray suede, not a crazy heel, something that would make me feel stable. Luckily, I was pairing a bit of high with my standard low: Helmut Lang tuxedo trousers nipped at the waist, and a Peter Pilotto for Target silk floral blouse with sleeves rolled just so.

I got a pedicure, even though the shoes were closed-toed, because I always believe you should go into a big interview as if the person has X-ray vision; if she saw you naked, you’d still look impeccable from head to toe. It sounds hideous in retrospect, but it was actually chic as hell.

I borrowed a pair of new runway Givenchy heels from a friend. I interviewed to be Anna Wintour’s assistant, and by some grace was rerouted and considered for an editorial position instead.

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