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There are also a TON of easter eggs that point to these facts in the other routes, too.-Easter eggs, you say?

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He's going to be REALLY FRUSTRATING in the first half for talking about his ex 90% of the time but he'll notice you. It’s pretty simple actually, just always remind JJ about “the people who were always cheering him on” and “the special person in his life.” Most people mistake this as him thinking about you, but he’s actually thinking about Isabella.

I would recommend telling Victor “FOR THE LOVE OF FUCK KISS HIM” for some hilarious dialogue and some pretty satisfying results. Victor and Yuuri care about each other beyond what any coach and skater usually have.

-Wait so for the ENTIRE GAME Victor’s been trying to get with Yuuri? From what the game says, Victor and Yuuri have been mutually pining for a WHILE, and while Victor is subtly courting, Yuuri doesn’t think he’s good enough for Victor despite their closeness.

(If you do this without the other requirements, it’s possible get a Friend route where Yuuri accepts his onesided love for Victor, and thanks you for supporting him.) -It’s not enough to continuously insinuate to Yuuri that Victor is in love with him. It may seem like he’s just brushing you off, but if you catch the right flags, it pays off: If you do every single one of these things, then…-Whoa since when did this become Victor’s route??

Once you complete all of the requirements for the secret route, you’ll be transferred into what seems to be a Victor route.

I'VE DONE EVERYTHING FOR YOU YUURI ALL I WANT IS YOUR HEART Holy shit you checked this fic out welcome Made under the stress of waiting for episode 11. I don't really have much else of an explanation for this fic (? It sort of sits on a realm of meta and fiction beyond terms I can describe. I’VE DONE EVERYTHING FOR YOU YUURI ALL I WANT IS YOUR HEART7knives lol secret routejjsbriefs SECRET ROUTEmysticdabber what’s secret routemyyuuuuri ARE YOU FOR FUCKIGN SERIOUS AUBREY IT TOOK ME 500 YEARS TO UNLOCK SECRET ROUTE AND YOU GOT IT IN 5 SECONDSmysticdabber WHAT’S SECRET ROUTE???? His route is so damn complicated we had to make him an entire FAQ. This should be your only interaction and you CANNOT take Yuuri with you.

Yuuri: THE MOST POPULAR ROUTE OF COURSE because he's SO DAMN HARD TO CATCH. Sunshine boy gets really deep about social media and that will actually get really serious later on. Chris: Innuendos at first, then ease off them around halfway through. Trust me, it’s going to be REALLY HARD to not pick them in the second half. Then he starts getting deep and you’ll have to get serious. Also say yes to when she offers to do your makeup at her apartment. -Don’t approach Victor in this route until AFTER the gala.mysticdabberokay so I've literally conquered every other route on this damn game but yuuri keeps flat out rejecting me?? UPDATE 1.2: graphics updated to include CGUPDATE 1.3, 4/16/17: minor edits, thank you note from the creator Vietnamese Translation by the wonderful snowywing! mysticdabber okay so I’ve literally conquered every other route on this damn game but yuuri keeps flat out rejecting me?? -Hug him at the end of his final performance, but ONLY his final performance. And then episode 11 came and now i'm under the stress of waiting for episode 12. UPDATE 1.1: game updated to include Georgi Route (i'm so sorry best boy), a couple other touch-ups, and bug-fixing. Is there a way to summarize Yuuri's Lover's route?? (In hindsight, it's probably one of the saddest moments in the game, even if Victor smiles the whole time.) -Do NOT insinuate anything romantic is happening between Victor and Yuuri, but don't flat out deny it either. -Offers to ride the Zamboni will only scare him away until the second half of the game.It’s confirmed in Chris’ route that this phone is Victor’s. daydreaming again, ahaha..." -In Phichit's Lover's route, if you decide to stop by the break room before the banquet, you'll find Yuuri watching over some old Victor routines.-Yuuri's True Friends Route involves you going shopping, and if you examine the jewelry store, you get this bit of dialogue: "Rings... He won't notice you at first, so Phichit will comment that "maybe one day [MC] will watch [Phichit] the way Yuuri watches Victor..." -If you wrongly choose Yuuri's locker to break into during Georgi's route and still decide to search through it, you'll find out that the boy who claimed to have taken down all of his Victor merchandise kept just one of his idol for good luck…If you look closely, you’ll notice that he’s framed the scene around Yuuri.

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