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This isn’t the worst movie of the year, but it is a disappointment – a true story with enormous potential turned into a muddled, confused movie by incompetent writers.

As time goes on, other Jews seeking escape from Nazi brutality join the brothers and the group continues to grow as word of the hidden forest camp spreads.Director Zwick’s portrayal of the Jews in the forest camp is at best stereotyping and at worst down right annoying.The Jews in the movie are pathetically unable to fend for themselves.“Defiance” focuses on an uncommon chapter from the melting pot of World War II participants, gaining points for bringing to the forefront the horrors and triumphs of a band of unlikely survivors who achieved the impossible.But like the middle part of a trilogy, the film is paced slowly and concludes anticlimactically, as if it were fashioned to be a mere segment of a much larger plot – one that struggles to get to the action before ultimately losing steam as it heads toward a set of inevitable summaries to abbreviate subsequent, un-visualized conclusions.Zus, opposed to Tuvia’s peaceful measures, opts to join Russian partisans operating nearby – awaiting fate and a common enemy that will force the brothers’ paths to cross once again.

“Defiance” certainly feels like an Edward Zwick film, brimming with heavy, dramatic action, large-scale conflicts, and historical significance.Daniel Craig is Tuvia Bielski, the eldest brother and forest camp leader.Liev Schreiber is Zus, Tuvia’s younger, hot-blooded brother.After suffering numerous casualties from hasty attacks on German soldiers, Tuvia decides that revenge should be substituted for survival tactics.He begins constructing a secure village in the forest to shelter his comrades, alongside the growing influx of Jews fleeing Poland.But like his other political and war driven pieces, this new effort falls short of becoming something truly special due to a lack of investment with the characters.