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Often, interactive visualization is used in conjunction with a back-end data analysis system, such as a piece of big data analytics software.

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As the amount and dimensionality of data and information to understand grows, practitioners need to turn to interactive visualization which has become increasingly popular.With the amount of available text-based consumer feedback data rapidly increasing, market researchers need models to make sense of this highly unstructured data.While reviewing standard approaches to text analysis in marketing, the tutorial will focus on latent topic models.The strengths and weaknesses of each of these methods relative to standard regression-based mix will be discussed.Text models have emerged as a new tool to understand latent characteristics of data such as consumer reviews.Cancellations received after that date will receive a refund minus a 0 late cancellation fee.

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Latent topic models are powerful tools to uncover unobserved characteristics of large text data sets.

In this tutorial, we discuss and apply latent topic models to various consumer review data sets.

It is a statistical approach that uses sales, media data, digital data and internal costs to quantify the impact of marketing and promotion activities on sales and profits.

The rise of marketing mix has largely paralled the growing importance of ROI (Return on Investment) or ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment).

We will start by understanding the business questions that mix can answer and look at the types of data commonly available.