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Imagine receiving dozens of daily messages from your stalker, unsolicited emails from adult dating websites, rape threats, death threats, and everything in between. That’s what two Tauranga sisters have had to endure, all from one man in the United States who simply can’t handle rejection.

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And that’s when he began spamming her account relentlessly with all manner of comments, eventually forcing her to delete her old account and start a new one.

But he soon found that too.“I pretty much had to quit social media after that,” says Harriet. He soon found Alice, Harriet’s sister, and began harassing her, begging for Harriet to resume contact with him.“I would just ignore him and tell him to go away.

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Few people would be aware, however, of the online harassment they’ve had to endure for a decade. She started an account on deviant ART, an online platform for artists to share their work, and comment on the work of others. He started commenting on her work, before asking more personal questions – like whether she had a boyfriend.

It made her uncomfortable, so she stopped talking to him.But it didn’t seem to have any effect,” says Alice.He used Alice’s name and email to make complaints against local businesses in Tauranga.Under another alias – ‘The Hacker’ – he’s also sent rape and death threats to the women. THE FALLS CAFESix years ago the girls started the Falls Café – a family business in which their parents also work.And that’s when the abuse started to have more of an impact. The Falls Café has a Facebook page, filled with posts about what’s on the menu, or what events are coming up.But visitors to the page may have noticed strange, incoherent comments popping up from time to time from different accounts, begging for a second chance or claiming to have been ‘screwed over’. Day in and day out.“It’s been like that since we opened the café.