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The shelves in the shop even feature little material primers like “Why silicone?

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Helmed by the mother and daughter team of Carol and Beth, Oh My is committed to creating a safe and comfortable environment for learning and exploring – seriously there’s a sign on the door that says “No ewwwwing!✓ In March 2007 Sugar opened with mission of being “a place where people from all kinds of backgrounds, sexual orientations and genders could celebrate their sexualities. Where sex would be honored as something both powerful and good.A place where other people who felt passionate about sexuality could work together.Check out Oh My’s Superhero Sex Shop Profile ✓ Smitten Kitten in Minneapolis is widely considered the leader in the body-safe toy movement.Everything in their shop is non-toxic but that doesn’t mean they have a small inventory- it’s freaking huge! From in-shop classes to streaming educational porn Smitten Kitten’s got it going on.Check out Smitten Kitten’s Superhero Sex Shop Profile ✓ The folks behind Self Serve decided to open in Albuquerque because it was the largest mid-sized city in the US that lacked a female friendly, sex positive store.

They believe in customer service that allows employees to go deeper into heart to heart conversations with clients, rather than just attempting to sell them a product.

Check out The Pleasure Chest NYC’s Superhero Sex Shop Profile ✓ Pure Pleasure was opened in 2008 by the mother/daughter team of Janis and Amy Baldwin aiming to fill the “need for a more inviting sex shop within the Santa Cruz community.” This small shop packs a big punch.

They offer a huge array of toys, lubes, books and apparel (though I know they were cutting back on apparel- I so regret not buying a corset!

” The products featured at Oh My are high quality and, in many cases, freakin’ gorgeous!

The shop hosts frequent classes and events and carries a bit of something for everyone.

) and services- classes are varied and frequent and the website features a Q & A and streaming sex ed videos.